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Online proofreading - French and English.


the spelling. the grammar. the style.

And all of it, in only a few clics.

SEO Analytics

Scan of the content

Scan your website's pages or upload the PDF or Word file to check.

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Social Media Advertising

Launch the correction

Choose your options and launch the check for French or English.

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eCommerce Solutions

See the report

You will have access to the detailed scan result ina few seconds and make a PDF export of the report if needed.


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Save time.

Correct your entire site in just a few seconds using our artificial intelligence-based tool and use the time saved to do something else... something you enjoy!

Try it for free!


Some services that make your life easier.

Correct a website

Correct your entire site or targeted pages.

Correct raw text

You want to correct text before using it on your site, in an email or a document... No problem, we have what you need!

Correct a file

Do you need to share a Word or PDF document, but want to correct it first? Scan it using our online tool to check if it contains any typos or syntax errors.

Syntactic makeover

In addition to spelling or grammar correction, our tool can also offer you reformulations.


Our process? Simple and clear

Simplicity and transparency above all.

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Step 1

Top up
your balance

To access our correction services, it is necessary to have Web Correcteur credits. Obtaining these credits is a breeze: simply top up your balance through our payment platform, designed to be both user-friendly and highly secure.

1€ = 1 credit

Bonuses are added to your balance based on the amount of your recharge, not to mention the welcome bonus granted upon your registration ✌

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Step 2

Use our correction services

The cost of our correction services is adjusted based on the number of words to be corrected, the type of options chosen (spelling correction, grammar correction, or rephrasing), as well as the nature of the content submitted, whether it originates from web pages, documents, or simple texts.

Available languages

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Correcteur Web and a few numbers.

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+5 years

By your side

Our correction tool has been working for you for more than 5 years and continues to evolve thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence.


Client satisfaction

Based on feedback from our customers, we are proud to report 98% satisfaction for 2023.

9 000

Pages checked

To date, more than 9,000 pages have been corrected by our customers.

They trust us


Correcteur Web, for a website without errors

Try our online corrector for free.

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